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Current Projects

Transforming an 1898 schoolhouse into a modern home


Vanguard Roofing has recently been contracted to build and transform an 1898 schoolhouse into a modern home. This is a very ambitious restoration of a two-room schoolhouse located in Upper Hanover, PA.

Shown Below: Below is a gallery of pictures of what remains of the 124-year-old historic building that has been derelict for years. We will continue to post pictures and provide updates on how this project is progressing.

Situated on Schoolhouse Road in East Greenville, the little schoolhouse will soon be transformed into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with an open floor plan which includes a large deck. Due to the historical past of the building, the aim is to keep what’s left of the structure (stone, concrete, exterior walls, belltower, and marble stone plaque which reads “Built by Upper Hanover School District 1898”.) and build/extend the extra rooms and roof. Vanguard Roofing is partnering with Lucas Renovations this September to start the project, with the hope to complete it within a year.


Word of Caution to Homeowners of Historical homes…..

Just because your contractor is skilled, and loves old houses and renovating a home, does NOT mean your contractor knows about or is qualified to provide old home restoration services. Working on old houses requires special knowledge. Vanguard Roofing and have this expertise and will help you work with your home remodeling contractors (Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Sewer/Septic Experts) to get the results you’re looking for!

Your house is our priority. We only do what’s right for your house, trust Vanguard Roofing to come up with a plan! We will start with:


  • Phone Consultations to discuss your vision, realistic goals, and budget

  • Site Visits/Virtual Consulting

  • New construction plans, review, and additions with architect

  • Acquire needed permits

  • Put together a team of experts to make your dream home a reality!


If you are in the market to purchase an older home with historical value call Vanguard Roofing at 267-383-5463. We do this better than anyone!

Upper Hanover Historic School Building


New Construction in East Greenville

Below are the Craftsman Farmhouse plans for the modern custom home Vanguard Roofing will start building for our client in a few months. With classic materials such as shiplap and board-and-batten, large window frames, awnings, soffit returns, and porch-post brackets, this classic farmhouse feels like part of the landscape in every season. We are so excited to begin this project! We will post updates as we progress. This new construction is just in the beginning stages, working on permits, meeting with architects and engineers for our first start-to-finish complete custom home build.

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